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Shobha Diane


What is it to be of service?

The concept of the Shobha-Diane business: “to be of service” was expanded upon as a result of travel restrictions. Media solutions came into play. Choices of how to best bridge geographical locations with visual and audio communication – in real time- began to unfold.

Zoom meetings

Our selection was the Zoom room. Enabling the showroom doors to be “opened” and once again you would be able to enter and “see” the new creations. Including stepping outside to observe the light effects on a chosen piece and seamlessly opening a conversation as to any preferred alterations, adjustments or proportions.

Zoom setup:

zoom meetings are free with a limited length of max. 30 minutes. Once your app is installed and functioning,  please contact us via our websites contact form page to set up your preferred date and time. You will receive a confirmation ID link shortly after.

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